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Poate ți-a scăpat: Vrei să vezi ce ai înăuntru?

Sunt destui studenți la medicină care leșină la disecția pe cadavre.
Viitorii medici pot lucra însă pe Complete Anatomy, o platformă virtuală 3D care demontează în amănunt corpul uman.
Platforma este folosită și de medici pentru a le explica pacienților maladiile și viitoarele proceduri. Nu e foarte scumpă, funcționează în Windows, iOS și Android și poți cere un test.

Pe partea de disecție, platforma a anunțat de curând că:

„It’s all at your fingertips: Our first virtual dissection course built in collaboration with Gray’s — the gold standard in anatomy education products.

Experience dissection first-hand in vivid detail. Follow along with the abdominal dissection video, as you correlate to the matching structure on the 3D model at each step — from the superficial aspects of the anterior abdominal wall to the major organs and their blood supply, right through to the retroperitoneal space.

Zoom into the 3D model to view intricate details, which are otherwise tricky to identify in a live lab with a cadaver. With each layer, you’ll gain a deeper, clearer understanding of the complex relationship between structures.

Complete Anatomy and Gray’s: Two tools in one virtual place

Featuring carefully assembled 3D models from Complete Anatomy and remarkable dissection videos from Gray’s Anatomy product family, this immersive course provides cutting edge resources and a clear, systematic guide to support your remote lab learning.

As a Student, you’ll find all the tools you need to scan, explore, probe and discover. Whether preparing for a lab, revising for surgical placement, or studying remotely, you’ll gain a broad and deep understanding of the abdominal region of the human body.

Educators can be confident, knowing their students are using video content from one of the world’s most trusted and renowned anatomical resources. Part of the highly respected Gray’s family of products, Gray’s isused by surgeons and surgical trainees at all levels of experience, as well as students, radiologists, and anatomists.

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