1. cianura o „spala” GMP-ul 😉

  2. Sa nu cumva sa exploatam vreo resursa ca ne poluam / vindem / tradam tara. Sa ingropam tot la loc si sa ne cautam sansele prin alte colturi ale lumii 🙂

  3. dane, aici gresesti 😉

  4. Salvati Rosia Montana!!!!

  5. Dane, ce Dumnezeu, esti om inteligent!

  6. The Rosia Montana gold mine posses a catastrophic problem, it will do nothing but destroy the environment, displace innocent people who have lived there for hundreds of years and ruin the scenic beauty of this area!! Gabriel resources doens’t have Romania’s best interest at heart.They are nothing but money hungry bastards!
    Save Rosia Montana!

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