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The Norwegians have a particular respect for nature and trying to alter as little as possible the wonderful landscapes of the country. (versiunea în limba română, mai jos.)
You realize that when you find that a lot of bicycles and very few cars are running on the Oslo streets.

Companies are no exception. Social responsibility for the environment is regarded very seriously and is not limited to planting trees, once a year, in one weekend.

An exemple: at the Oslo Innovation Week, Yara, a leading global fertilizer company, announced that the world’s first fully electric and autonomous container ship, with zero emissions, will be delivered in the second half of the next year (Q3).

The first tests, performed with a captain and small crew, are scheduled to start at the end of 2018. In 2019, remote-controlled tests of the Yara ship will be carried out and in 2020 the vessel will be fully autonomous.

The autonomous ship will set sail in southern Norway, transporting chemicals from the Yara plants to three ports, from where the fertilizers will be exported.

yara electric ship al oslo innovation week

The audience of Oslo Innovation Week 2017 was very interested in the Yara Project: the vessel will reduce NOx and CO2 emissions by reducing diesel-powered truck transport by around 40,000 journeys per year.

Loading and unloading of the containers will be done automatically using electric cranes and equipment. The ship will not have ballast tanks, but will use the battery pack as permanent ballast.

The ship will also be equipped with an automatic mooring system and will not require special implementations dock-side.

This video demonstrates how the ship will work:

*The Oslo Innovation Week was held for the 12th year in a row this past September, inviting people from all over the world to promote and discover real business solutions for sustainable development goals. 50 events in one week included full-day conferences, talks, workshops organized by corporates, startup networks, NGOs, private and public organisations. The Oslo Innovation Week is owned by the City of Oslo and Innovation Norway, and Oslo Business Region is its project manager.
I was invited as a blogger at the Oslo Innovation Week. In the next weeks I will publish a series of blog posts about the ideas, technologies and startups I have discovered at this important event.


Primul vas pentru containere, propulsat 100% electric și care va naviga autonom, a fost prezentat la Oslo Innovation Week

Norvegienii sunt unul dintre popoarele care respectă cel mai mult natura și se străduiesc să altereze cât mai puțin extraordinarele peisaje ale țării.
Îți dai seama de asta fie și numai după faptul că în Oslo circulă foarte multe biciclete dar foarte puține automobile personale.

Companiile nu fac excepție. Responsabilitatea socială față de mediu este privită foarte serios în Norvegia și nu se limitează la plantarea unor copaci într-o zi de week-end.
Un exemplu: Yara, unul dintre cei mai mari producători de îngrășăminte chimice din lume, a anunțat la Oslo Innovation Week, că primul vapor de containere cu propulsie electrică, complet autonom, va fi lansat la apă în a doua jumătate a anului viitor, în 2018.
Vor urma testele de navigație, iar în 2020 Yara ship va circula pe mare complet autonom, deci fără echipaj la bord.
Vasele de tip Yara vor transporta îngrășăminte chimice și produse chimice pentru export între trei porturi din sudul Norvegiei.
Proiectul nu este un experiment de dragul experimentului. În prezent, compania Yara comandă aproximativ 40.000 de curse de TIR pe an pentru a livra produsele, ceea ce înseamnă multă poluare și probleme de siguranță pe autostrăzi.

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